Hello and welcome! I’m Renée, your fiercely independent and change-craving hostess to this part of the web. I hope you’ll come to see me as an energetically resilient and optimistic girl. I created this food blog after recently announcing two personal achievements to friends and family: over the course of two years I finished up my fourth degree (bachelor of science in nursing) and I also lost over 100 pounds. A lot of people asked how I did it and it really has been a journey of small steps but the biggest change I wish I had made sooner was cutting out all the processed food I used to eat. It has been a long process and it’s one that is not yet finished but it’s definitely at a point where I’m happy about the food I eat.

before and after

The picture on the left is me at my heaviest. While shopping for dresses for my best friend’s wedding I knew I had a problem and I needed to make some changes. The picture on the right is the silly selfie I took in April 2014 when I received my degree.

It took me about a year to break my bad habits and over the last year I’ve focused on creating new habits. My tastes have changed drastically and a big part of that is that I belong to an awesome CSA which delivers fruits and veggies from local California organic farms (If you’re a Los Angeles local I recommend checking out the awesome folks at Summerland). Getting a produce box delivered and filled with a seasonal harvest has introduced me to dozens of delicious foods that I never would have dared to pick up at the grocery store and I am incredibly grateful to live in a part of the country  that gives me this access.

This blog is a catalog of what I eat now and I hope it is an encouragement for others to be proactive in their own health and wellness as opposed to living a reactive approach. If you would like to use a recipe or photo from happy food bites on your own website, please do! When using a photo or recipe from this site, please also include a link to the specific blog post as well as the home page. Example: I found this recipe for Chili lime chicken tacos with roasted pineapple at happy food bites.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a day of happiness and health!

Experience is the only source of knowledge.

-Albert Einstein


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  1. So amazing to see how well you are doing and so proud of you!!
    Everything looks so delicious and beautifully pictured it makes you want to try everything. Even if you don’t like some of the ingredients that you have used lol.
    Keep up the great work beautiful!

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