While this isn’t a “weight loss” blog per se, my own personal weight loss journey has been a major catalyst for the inception of happy food bites and here I would like to offer a few of the resources that have been incredibly helpful for me. I have no affiliation with any of them but have personally utilized the information they have available.

MyFitnessPal – Before the very first step of any change process, you must know where you are starting. MFP let me accurately track how many calories I was eating per day among many other breakdowns of what I was giving to my body. I use their recipe calculator to determine nutritional content included with all recipes on this blog.

Mayo Clinic – The internet can be a very scary place when searching for anything health related. This website is a great resource with a multitude of content reviewed by current Mayo Clinic clinicians and educators across a wide variety of specialties.

MedlinePlus – Questions about herbs or supplements? Keep hearing about people eating dandelions? This is a fantastic resource to start with. This is the “National Institute of Health’s [website] for patients and their families and friends.” A broad range of information is explained well, with links to the research. It even includes interactions with medications.

Education is the best provision for the journey to old age.


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