Dancing quietly behind nearly every childhood memory of mine is one song or another. I even have a faded outline of a memory of being rocked to sleep as a toddler in the corner rocking chair keeping time as a creaky metronome. Growing up, there was always music playing in the house and many a teenage Saturday was abruptly started by my Dad blasting Bob Marley through his pair of three foot tall JBL speakers flanking the living room couch. I was also a voracious reader, typically devouring two or three books at a time, even into adulthood although that number has drastically dwindled in the last few years. I was a strong student in school, but math and english were the subjects that really got me buzzing with excitement. At first glance those two classes may seem like strange bedfellows but last week I read a study from Northwestern University showing those who were more accurate at keeping a beat by tapping their finger had the same brain responses when they listened to a repeated one-syllable word1 which is pretty cool.

I think the common thread between music and reading is the recognition of patterns and I’m glad I grew up with the two grafted together. Life is made up of patterns within patterns and once you notice your individual patterns, whether hourly, annual, or decade in length, the churning of life suddenly feels more calm. To quote my current favorite band Pomplamoose “it’s either break or bend” so in an effort to help my corner of the world find the proper arch for its bend I’m going to attempt to put my blog into a pattern. For now the pattern will be every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, as well as alternating Saturday and Sunday posts. But like my Grandma says, that is only written in pencil. If you’ve been thinking about trying to start a new pattern somewhere in your life, don’t wait, I promise it’s much easier to keep pace once you listen for the beat.

Recipe I most wanted to try last week: Sweet and Savory Brussel Sprouts at Edible Perspective.

Best dessert recipe I found last week: Sweet Summer Squash Cupcakes at Garden Betty.

Best book I read last week: The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. This has been my all-time favorite book since the very first time I read it in high school. It’s been years since I last peered into the lives of the Price sisters but the words fired between my synapses in a familiar path. It’s a shared-narrative told from each perspective of the four daughters of a rotten missionary father who brings his family to Africa in the midst of the unrest in 1959. Each girl is brought to life with such clarity you feel like you’ve taken residence right inside the mind of each one. You hear all the secrets they’re too afraid to tell themselves. I could probably write a whole post about this book, so I’ll just say go read it!

Best thing I saw on Netflix last week: Kill Bill Vol 1 and Vol 2. Even though they were released separately, in my head this is one movie. Hands down it’s my favorite Tarantino movie. Like all his movies, it’s really in a genre all to itself and you already know if you like Tarantino films or not.

Album most repeated on ipod last week:  Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Pomplamoose (ok this isn’t really on my ipod, it’s on youtube but it was definitely the most repeated song).

  1. http://www.northwestern.edu/newscenter/stories/2013/09/the-importance-of-keeping-the-beat.html 

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